our coursescastlebar vtos is a 1 to 2 year, full-time course that offers various modules (subjects). The subjects offered may vary from year to year but the following is a general guide to what we offer.

computer studies

The full range of computer subjects offered provide students with up-to-date skills to use in the workplace or the home. We cater for the absolute novice as well as those with existing computer skills. We provide an introductory computer course, FETAC Level 5 modules as well as the complete European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).

Modules may include: Text Production - Word Processing - Database Methods - The Internet - ECDL - Desktop Publishing - Digital Photography

In today's 'Information Technology' world computer skills are essential both in the workplace and at home. The computer studies programme allows each student to acquire, practice and enjoy those skills.

business studies

The wide range of business subjects provide students with the necessary skills to pursue further studies, for use in the modern workplace or at home. This course caters for all levels of interest and ability. Modules are offered at FETAC Levels 4, 5 and 6.

Modules may include: Communications - work experience - bookkeeping - mathematics - teamwork - reception - business calculations - payroll (levels 5 & 6) - accounting - information & administration

cultural studies

Students are given the opportunity to study a range of modules such as:

folklore - heritage - archaeology - local history - art & architecture - environmental studies

They can be taken individually or as a group leading to a FETAC Level 5 Major award in 'Culture and Heritage Studies'. The Modules give students the opportunity to explore all Ireland's past and present history, landscape and environment in an enjoyable and rewarding way. They involve activities outside of the classroom such as trips to sites of interest, museums and heritage centres both home and abroad. They are an excellent basis for students who wish to further their studies at 3rd level or in gaining employment in the Heritage and Tourism sectors.

Tourism with business

Students are given the opportunity to study modules such as:

Tourism Principles & Practice - Tourism Information & Administration - Ecotourism & a range of business modules


A wide range of Art subjects are offered. We try to accommodate students to whatever depth they wish to go in art, from simply enjoying the process of drawing & painting, to putting a portfolio together in preparation for college. Although there are many FETAC Art modules that we are always willing to offer, we tend to concentrate on the following:

drawing - painting - creative arts for early childhood

During your first year in the Art class will not try to complete the coursework for any one particular module, instead it will try to touch on as many of the various Art practices as possible. Then, if you continue your studies with us, you will have a feel for what you enjoy most and you can specialise during your 2nd year.

language & european studies

French language and cultural studies are offered at levels from beginner to advanced. Students can be assessed at FETAC levels 4 & 5. In addition, we often organize a student-funded visit to France, French food days, a day of 'Boule' and other related activities. The regular Foreign Movie afternoon in the last term is an excellent way to get a taste of the language and the culture.

The European Studies module studies Europe, the E.U. and its institutions. A visit to Bruges in Belgium which includes a visit to the European Parliament and another European city have become a regular feature of the learning in Castlebar VTOS.

University Access Award

The overall aim of the programme is to provide the learner with the opportunity to build the knowledge, skill and competence required for participation in higher education, including acquiring a broad range of knowledge for an academic discipline, and key skills for academic research and enquiry.

Research & study skills - Communications - Work Experience - Database - The Internet - Word Processing

guidance & counseling studies

Note* This is offered as a service rather than a taught subject.

Learning and qualification are but the foundation for development so we offer a structured and comprehensive preparation for life after VTOS be that in work or further education. We enable students to:

explore strengths & weaknesses - clarify thoughts - identify learning needs - set realistic goals - design a feasible plan of action - explore new forms of further education and training.

We also offer one-to-one educational guidance, Information on colleges/further education/further Training. Advice on courses and careers, study Skills and work experience. We assist adult learners to develop autonomy and self-reliance that will enable them to participate more meaningfully in society.